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     I was raised going to church, I sang in the church, and I was saved at the age of 12. I listened to my friends which led to serving time in prison at the age of 16. I lived a life of drugs and illegal activities, being a wanted criminal running from the law. The Lord had his hand upon me throughout the whole time, when I got out of jail Valentines Day 1972, God started working on my daily life style, He cleaned up my drug habits, He cleaned up my charges and cleaned up my record. Then in 1981, I submitted my life 100%, my past, present, and future to Lord to use me in whatever way He chooses, since then I have been so blessed to be a part of CMA motorcycle ministry, Bill Glass prison ministry, and to be able to share the good news of the gospel with others at any moment. Also, its been a blessing to see many souls get saved, praise God!
The Lord gave me the vision for these t-shirts, they are witnessing tools. You use them to serve the Lord and spread gospel of Jesus Christ!!

Brother in Jesus Christ, Donnie Yawn
Purchase 5 shirts and the 6th one will be free.

(Short sleeves only)

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Get Right Productions
by Donnie Yawn
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